Tarot of Love, Money & Career

The accuracy of your tarot readings will surprise you

4.3 stars on Google Play

Let the tarot cards guide you.


★ 3 tarot themes: love and relationships, money and finance, work and career
★ 4 characteristics per tarot card: zodiac, planet, element and gemstone
★ 5 tarot spreads: from 1 to 5 cards

5 types of tarot spreads

★ 1 card: a new perspective on a current situation
★ 2 cards: get guidance on a specific issue
★ 3 cards: understand how the past influences the present to plan your future
★ 4 cards: figure out the opportunities and threats of a new relationship or project
★ 5 cards: learn and act on all the aspects of a more complex situation

This app provides free tarot readings for multiple areas of your  life: a difficult breakup or more generally love relationships, work life balance or a promotion in your career, or money related problems concerning your salary, a loan or a credit.

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